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Five tips for renting a portable restroom for your wedding

With the growing popularity of outdoor weddings, and all the wonderful locations North Carolina offers, couples now how many choices in planning there dream wedding. However, one thing that seems to get over looked is where is everyone going to go to the bathroom? A wedding and reception usually takes 4-10 hours and typically involves food and drink, you definitely don’t want to be caught at the last minute without a restroom as renting one at the last minute is most likely going to cost much more if it is at all possible. In this article we’ll be giving you 5 tips to renting popular choice for weddings and upscale events, the luxury or VIP restroom trailers.

#1 Schedule your rental in advance. Restroom trailers are very expensive to buy so they’re quite rare for any portable restroom agency to stock in large quantities. Even companies with thousands of portable toilets may have just a few restroom trailers for rent. So if your renting during the busy season April – September you’re going to want to rent them 3+ months in advance. Most agencies give you a full refund if you cancel a month in advanced, so it’s better to schedule than not to schedule in most cases.

#2 Make sure your location can accommodate a restroom trailer. Restroom trailers are as big as an RV, they’re very tall and can easily be scratched by branches and may not have clearance under some tree limbs. So make sure the entire path from your driveway to where you want the trailer to be placed is trimmed and the driveway is wide enough not only to get the trailer in and out but to allow the delivery truck a way out after dropping the trailer off. Also keep in mind that most restroom trailers have doors on the passenger/right side (some may have 1 door in the back) so if you’d like the doors a certain way it’s best to work it out before the driver gets there.

#3 Expect to pay a significantly more for restroom trailers than a porta potty. Restroom trailers are very expensive to buy, they are much more complicated and thus are more expensive to rent. The price range for a typical 3 stall VIP/Restroom Trailer is $850-1800.00 from most companies who serve North Carolina

#4 Plan out how many will come & if they have special bathroom needs. A restroom trailer is completely self-contained, most have their own water supply and waste storage; however there’s a limit to how much water and how much waste capacity a trailer will have, depending on the trailer you may find that as little as 60 people can use a restroom or that the trailer your ordering doesn’t come with its own water supply requiring external hookups. It’s a good practice to let the restroom rental agency know how many guests you’re having so they can decide which restroom suites your needs. If your guests are elderly or disabled you’ll find that it would be difficult or impossible for them to access a restroom trailer as they have stairs to access the bathrooms. Some companies offer restroom trailers with handicapped access this is achieved through ramps or a section of the trailer which lowers to the ground. This option is typically very pricey, however I propose that for most events having a handicapped portable toilet would suit the needs of your special needs guests especially if they’re few in number.

#5 Make sure you have the proper hookups for the trailer. Some trailers may require no hookups at all and are completely independent, however the more lavish restroom trailers with AC/Heat/TV’s etc all take lots of power to operate, much more than can be provided by solar or batteries. These types of trailers require a hookup to an external power source, this can range from a generator to an outlet nearby. We recommend using an outlet/generator with at least 15 amp at 120v, some trailers require 2 15-amp outlets to operate. As mentioned earlier some restroom trailers don’t come with onboard storage for water, these types of restroom trailer will need an external water source ideally from a simple garden hose. Remember, before you rent ask your rental agency what you need to do to make sure your trailer is right for your location, this way your “trailer and event will go off without a hitch!”

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