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5 Of The Strangest Happenings In Portable Toilets and Restroom Trailers

The following are all true stories from across the globe featuring some of the mishaps we humans experience when we dare to venture inside a portable toilet.

1) The Man Who Got Caught While Trying To Retrieve A Phone

The Drammen Region fire brigade in Norway had to recently rescue a man who got caught in a portable toilet while trying to retrieve a friend’s cellphone. Twenty-year old Berntsen Larsen, an amateur diver, told the Norwegian press that he didn’t think twice about leaping into action when his friend dropped a cellphone into the toilet and called out for help. But he soon became trapped within the toilet, as he was slim enough to fit inside, but apparently could not come back the same way.

Firefighters had to use a saw to cut the young man free from his revolting dilemma. The poor man was taken to a hospital for injuries sustained to his upper arms and given preventative antibiotics due to the waste he was exposed to while inside the commode. Although he did not say so, it is likely that Mr. Larsen learned a lesson either about playing hero or doing so inside a porta-potty.

2) English Woman In Porta-Potty Teleported Across A Festival

According to the BBC, a woman was “teleported” across a festival site in a portable toilet when it was accidentally moved by a forklift truck to the other side of the harbor. The woman, who remains anonymous, was using the portable toilet before the opening of Newlyn Fish Festival in Cornwall, England. The woman was not injured, but according to Harbormaster, Rob Parsons, was suffering from a bit of shock. That seems reasonable, as after all, it isn’t every day one gets a free ride anywhere.

3) Colorado Man Hides In Porta-Potty At Yoga Festival

In 2011, a 31-year-old man named Luke Chrisco was found hiding in the tank of a porta-potty in Boulder Colorado. A young woman attending the yoga festival was using the portable toilet when she noticed something moving in the tank. She watched in horror as a feces-stained man emerged from the sickening depths and ran away. He pleaded guilty to attempted unlawful sexual contact and two burglary counts, and was sentenced to three years in prison and 10 years of probation.

Police believe that he also hid in other portable toilets around the city of Boulder where he would watch women use the toilet. While some may say, to each his own and whatever floats one boat, this criminal predilection is beyond the pale and perhaps suggestive of another genre of criminal with a new moniker; namely, a Pooping Tom.

4) Guests Discover Secret Party Inside A Portable Toilet

Guests at the Sziget Music Festival in Budapest, Hungary, discovered a secret rave (party) taking place inside one of the event’s portable toilets. Festivities were hidden behind a secret passageway in a seemingly innocuous portable toilet, which served as a smelly portal to a new and different celebration. According to Fabian Ruivenkamp, who attended the festival: “Just open a random toilet and there is a party going on.

It was a secret kept by the festival staff but I heard about it from other revelers.” One can only wonder what party hosts serve to their guests at such celebrations? Would the menu include: appetizers that move and have minds of their own; strange looking dips for what once perhaps cheese and crackers and/or perhaps poopsicles for dessert?

5) Moscow Pedestrians Flee Runaway Portable Toilets In Windstorm

In June of 2017, the residents of Moscow were running for cover against the powerful winds that were sweeping portable toilets across the streets and sidewalks of Red Square. Video footage captures a frantic scramble for cover as portable toilets became trajectories that whizzed by the Moscow Museum of Archaeology and the Museum of the 1812 War with Napoleon. According to Twitter user EugeneDX14: “Even the toilets are fleeing from the murderous regime.”


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