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A farm Wedding in Chapel Hill

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a wedding at a farm in Chapel Hill, NC that was spectacular, rustic chic, the fact that it was a perfect October day didn't hurt. IT was a true family wedding with kids running all over the place, the sound of roosters crowing and a sheep that made the most classic Bah Bah sound.

There was a fantastic caterer that had a spit set up like a giant outdoor rotteserie and a micro brewery that served up the most refreshing beers. I think the beer was actually from the Isand of Nantucket called Cisco Brewery, not sure how they ended up on a farm on Chapel Hill?

When I was first told the wedding was on a farm, I thought how do I dresss? Like what shoes does one wear? I started looking on-lone and saw some great dresses shown with cowboy boots, I just didn't want to be a style trend setter, so I wore a more classic shoe with a back-up pair in my car.

Well it took about seven minutes to decide the boots were the way to go and with the beautiful ambience of the 1870 Farm, I dashed to my car and decided to change and check my out fit in the bathroom. I asked the site manager where the restrooms are and he pointed me to what looked like a trailer. I realized these were portable toilets. I only had gone into a porta john once in an emergency at the state fair and to this day, have a gag reflex.

Well I walked into a clean, roomy, air conditioned nice sized restroom, private, soft music and most of all, there was no harsh air fresheners or deodorizers that I remember from my previous porta John experience. Well between the beer and and all, I was amazed that with my 3 or four trips to the mobile restroom, I think it was from a company called Elegant Johns which I thought was cute.

Anyway I would recommend any one having a wedding on a farm, beach or anywhere to consider use bathrooms that feel good to go into. Not sure how my farm wedding blog became a portable restroom blog but I guess I was so impressed.

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