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5 Reasons Elegant Johns Mobile Bathroom Breaks the Porta Potty Mold

Porta Potty, it’s not the 1980’s anymore.

Elegant Johns is determined to pull mobile bathroom technology into the future. Porta Potty s have been useful but for the discriminate event you need 21st technology. Elegant Johns, promises more then over delivers.

Here are 5 reasons breaks the porta potty mold.

Reason 1 - 21st Century Technology not 20th Century Porta Potty Technology

When your event, wedding, corporate or family gathering takes place do you really want 35 year old Porta Potty technology?

Elegant Johns is at the forefront of this latest technology. Their air conditioned restroom facilities are technological wonders, with electricity, running water, large natural counters, luxurious surroundings and porcelain appliances.

Gone are the chemical smells with the 1980 style Porta Potty. Gone are the thin plastic walls. Gone are the lack of light and lack of space.

Reason 2 – CLEAN and CLEAN. Cleaner than any Porta Potty.

No detail is too small, even the toiletries used in an Elegant Johns mobile bathroom is thought out beforehand. Elegant Johns currently offers several customizable toiletry packages in their fleet of mobile bathroom trailers. Including organic toilet paper.

Find that in a construction porta potty.

Elegant Johns is known for the cleanliness of their mobile bathroom trailer and stays as green as possible utilizing the very best cleaning products. When a mobile bathroom is returned it is promptly properly sanitized avoiding the need for harsh fragrances.

Reason 3 – Delivers Excellence...NOT EXCUSES. Excuses are the Porta Potty s Weakness

Elegant Johns founder David Schwartz supplied mobile bathroom to the Hollywood elite. Martha Stewart, Denzel Washington, Cameron Diaz, Mark Wahlberg, Bradley Cooper and Kate Winslet demanded the best and David delivered.

A perfect porta potty would never do for these stars. It had to be exceptional.

David Schwartz is now delivering that excellence to you, through Elegant Johns. Your guests will get the star treatment, every time with Elegant Johns.

Reason 4 – PIECE OF MIND ... Professional Prompt Delivery and Setup.

Elegant Johns have added hair product on request, and sunscreen (some organic as well), as many of the mobile bathroom trailers are utilized at events in parks, beaches and farms.

Can’t do that with a porta potty.

David Schwartz thinks of these things to make your event even more special. Relax and let the professionals give you and your guests the elite luxurious experience.

Your guests will appreciate the exceptional care that you provided and will leave a lasting impression on them of your attention.

Reason 5 – It’s Not a Construction Porta Potty.

Not that there is anything wrong with construction work, it is that they have different needs than a black tie event. A porta potty cannot meet the needs of special formal events. Porta Potty s were made for the needs of the construction industry. Little inside space, hot or cold interiors, smelly chemicals, unsteady on level ground, easy to tip over, dark and dreary.

Elegant Johns mobile bathroom trailers are self-leveling, rock solid, no tipping hazard, interiors

environmentally controlled, comfortable and well lit. Elegant Johns Is the latest in Luxury and Cleanliness.

David Schwartz and the Elegant Johns team is the future of mobile bathroom service. Large, clean, well lit, no chemical smell, running water, electricity and a self-leveling stable platform. Compared to Elegant Johns, a porta potty is a portable outhouse.

Say goodbye to 1980 technology...Your guests will love you for it.

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