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Bathroom Trailers Versus Porta Potties: Which Is Best For Your Event?

Planning a big event and looking for the best portable bathroom solution?

While bathrooms may not be the most glamorous detail, we would argue that it’s the most important part of a successful event.

With weddings, the bride and groom may be thinking about all the glamorous details. But what happens if people miss the first dance because they’re waiting in line at a single portable bathroom?

At fairs and festivals, we get excited about the headliners and the rides. But what happens if our guests don’t stick around because the bathroom situation wasn’t taken care of?

No matter the size of the event, getting the right event restrooms is a hidden key to its success. And with a number of possible portable bathrooms, including bathroom trailers and porta potties, how will you decide?

As a general rule of thumb, bathroom trailers are stand-alone trailers with individual stalls and their own entrances and exits. Porta potties, or portable bathrooms, are smaller and can be placed side by side in long rows.

To help you plan your next event, we have gathered a few common event planning questions. For each, we’ll explain which type of portable bathroom would be best for your event.

Are You Hosting A Large-Scale Event?

When you’ve got a smaller event, like an intimate family wedding, a bathroom trailer can work great.

For larger events like fairs, festivals, or concerts where you can expect hundreds of people, you may want to consider portable bathrooms. This not only allows for a greater capacity, but also for more people to use them at the same time, which is ideal for groups of friends and families.

Will Your Guests Need Space To Get Ready?

For larger events, like marathon races or community gatherings, people will only use the event bathrooms to go to the bathroom.

For smaller-scale events like a wedding or a film production, the bathroom can be an important space to get ready, to touch up make-up, or to make adjustments. The extra space afforded by a bathroom trailer can be very beneficial.

Does Your Venue Have Extra Space?

In addition to considering the number of guests, consider the space you have available for additional bathrooms.

Portable bathrooms can fit into smaller spaces if need be, so if you are tight on space, this could be a good option.

Given bathroom trailers have a larger footprint, you’ll want to know ahead of time where you’re able to park them so that your guests can enjoy easy access.

What Will The Weather Be Like?

Is your event taking place at noon in July? Or maybe you’re planning a late-night film shoot?

If there’s any chance of more extreme temperatures, a bathroom trailer is a good choice. They often have air-conditioning to help during the summer, and the solid construction helps hold in heat during the colder months.

If the weather is scheduled to be mild, then portable bathrooms may make the most sense.

Will You Be Serving Alcohol?

It’s worth remembering that when people drink alcohol, they tend to go to the bathroom more. If you expect people to be frequenting the bathrooms, having more portable restrooms will make life (and the event clean-up) easier.

To Rent Bathroom Trailers For Your Next Event

We hope this helped you find the answers you need for your next event. If you’ve decided you’ll need bathroom trailers, we’re here to help. For a luxurious, comfortable option for your event bathrooms. get in touch with Elegant Johns today.


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