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We are a family that provides just portable restrooms and we love it.


Dad started a company providing broadcast equipment to the TV Production industry in New York and Los Angeles in the 1980's. He dealt with the most demanding of clients and celebrities.  Many times he had to send out broadcast camera's and recording equipment,  all over the world with just hours notice. And that equipment had to be working, calibrated and complete. His clients were most of the major networks and his obligation was to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible. Today that business still exists, and that company has worked over the years with just about every residing US president, major celebrities,  in every state and in every continent.


During that time he worked with many producers and production companies and recently became involved with a company that provides portable restrooms and "star" trailers to the film industry, he was so impressed by their cleanliness, and customer service, and the ability to deal with situation's that arose. Dad decided the same level of service and cleanliness should be available to all.


Today we are proud to offer our Elegant Johns™... For your special event.



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