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Its not just soap and water and a clean paper towel anymore with a Porta Potty

The next time your event, wedding, corporate or family gathering takes place that requires a Porta Potty or restroom trailer there are several other things to consider besides how small or large the mobile bathroom needs to be.

Unlike many other companies that initially got into the business of providing a portable toilet rentals for construction sites, Elegant Johns was founded by David Schwartz whose career started in TV Production, actually he was one of the pioneers working during the earlier years for such shows as Entertainment tonight and later starting the company that provided Martha Stewart with much of her on-location production services. Schwartz learned much about style through some of these shows. He also realized it was almost impossible to get anyone feeling good about using a porta potty.

Schwartz was one of the original founders of Flush Services a boutique company based in Boston that provides most of its Portable Toilet rentals to the film production industry, working with films starring such talent as Denzel Washington, Cameron Diaz, Mark Wahlberg, Bradley Cooper and Kate Winslet. The mobile bathrooms came only one way, clean and clean.

Every event right down to the toiletries used in the Porta Potty rentals that Elegant Johns utilizes is thought out beforehand, based on whether its a family event, public event or a restroom used for a corporate event. Does the event have access to water?, although all the mobile bathrooms trailers Elegant Johns utilizes have the ability have its own self contained freshwater, the toiletries especially the choice of soap becomes or should become a factor.

Elegant Johns took it one step farther and now currently offers several customizable toiletry packages in there fleet of bathroom trailers. We have had requests for everything from 100 percent organic soap products, non detergent soaps, right down to unbleached organic toilet paper. We have had requests from a corporate client to only use product made from its parent company, and we have worked on fashion shoots that wanted only designer toiletries. Its not just soap and water and a clean paper towel anymore for some of most discerning clients, we have added hair product on request, and sunscreen (some organic as well), as many of the porta potty trailers are utilized at events in parks, beaches and farms.

For most clients the most important thing besides the cost is the cleanliness of the mobile bathroom and condition. Elegant Johns tries to stay as green as possible with utilizing cleaning products made from companies such as 7th Generation and taking an approach of properly sanitizing the units promptly avoiding the need for harsh fragrances.

Maybe its comes from his background of supplying portable bathrooms to the hollywood elite and their equally as fastidious production members, maybe its the fact Schwartz himself was on set many times and knows first hand the unpleasant surprise of a less than perfect port potty, or maybe its the fact he has three daughters and knows the bathroom environment he would want them to be in. Whatever the case, its no longer a mediocre toilet and harsh chemicals anymore, at least not with a portable restroom with the Elegant John name on it.

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